Founded by Helene Nyhuus. BALMY started because of the desire to make a sun lotion that is 100% vegan and made only from natural ingredients.


Organic: It is so important that we take care of our skin and that's why BALMY only has organic ingredients. Sunscreen doesn't need to only have one effect. While BALMY protects you from the sun, it repairs and moisturizes your skin. It's rich on A and E-vitamins. Every single ingredient is carefully chosen to give the best effect. Especially good for kids and people with sensitive skin.   

Vegan: BALMY is proudly a vegan brand and has therefore no animal product in it. Other sunscreens can be hormone disruptive and that is why BALMY only use raw ingredients. There is no need to worry about any harmfull ingredients, because we already took care of that for you. Just go out in the sun and enjoy it!

Nature friendly: The filter BALMY uses to block the sun is a nature friendly alternative. It uses a mineral filter that lays like a thin membrane on your skin that works just like a mirror. It reflects the sun rays and will in that way keep the rays from entering your skin. Because of the mineral filter, the sun lotion works immediately, so you don't have to wait 20 minutes before entering the sun, like other sunscreen would require. And most importantly - BALMY does not harm the coral reefs when you go swimming with the sun lotion on. (You can read about it under "More".)

The meaning behind BALMY, is as the word itself - it's nice and pleasantly hot weather and you should enjoy that! Therefore you need sunscreen to protect you from the harsh sun. But something that is also important, is that you still will get a golden color even using BALMY. 



Can't wait to see you using BALMY and hear your feedback!


- With love, Helene Nyhuus